1. west
  2. This Bird
  3. come to me
  4. 300 Watt Music Box
  5. The Beat Is Strong
  6. Let Me Love Ya
  7. one voice many
  8. Medley, Tack it Back, Michaelangelo
  9. it's crying outside
  10. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
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1988 -1990: michaelangelo moves from Santa Cruz, California to the U.K. when the ‘Acid House Movement’ was starting at the venues known as: Rain Dance, Land of Oz, Spectrum, Shoom and Heaven.
In 1989 a a close friend creates a small warehouse party organisation called Brainstorm and michaelangelo is one of the djs.
1991-1993: Comes to Portugal for family motives. He receives an offer to inaugurate the renowned club in the south of Portugal called Kadoc for the summer season and due to his innovative technical dj’ing style and musical tastes michaelangelo is invited in the winter to come and play at Kremlin, the famous renowned Lisbon club alongside Dj Vibe. In the next 2 years h...

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Клип Michaelangelo - Let Me Love Ya

Let Me Love Ya

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