Michael Suby

  1. Welcome to the Family 1:55
  2. Jason's Funeral
  3. Elena Lives, John Dies 4:51
  4. The Diner
  5. Stigmata Flashback
  6. Mom and Evan/Evan's Drawing
  7. Caroline's Revelation
  8. The Butterfly Effect Theme 2:19
  9. 1864 5:10
  10. Blowing Up Kayleigh
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Composer/Creative Director Michael Suby graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2000 along side S3 partner Adam Sanborne. He has since cemented his reputation in film and television as an adept writer for comedies, (The Simple Life, Robot Chicken), dramas, (The Scholar, Kyle XY), and deeply rich, dark and melodic film scores, (The Butterfly Effect, The Zodaic and Tamara). While at S3 Mike has also worked on spots for Verizon, Celebrity Cruises, Alpine, and Autodesk to name a few.

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Клип Michael Suby - Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

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