Merry Christmas

  1. Jingle Bells 2:24
  2. Carol Of The Bells 1:25
  3. All I Want For Christmas Is You
  4. Silent Night 3:43
  5. 我们祝你圣诞快乐
  6. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
  7. Merry Christmas Darling
  8. Run Rudolph Run
  9. cristmas is all around I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes Christmas is all around me and so the feeling grows It's written in the wind It's everywhere I go So if you really love Christmas C'mon and let it snow You know I love Chri
  10. OST Один дома
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Клип Merry Christmas - Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

Клип Merry Christmas - Silent Night

Silent Night

Клип Merry Christmas - Merry Christmas Darling

Merry Christmas Darling

Клип Merry Christmas - Run Rudolph Run

Run Rudolph Run

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