Megan Nicole

  1. Safe & Sound (originally by The Civil Wars & Taylor Swift) feat Tiffany Avlord
  2. Mascara 3:32
  3. Starships 3:28
  4. Fun 3:07
  5. Feel So Close 3:25
  6. Price Tag 3:41
  7. B-e-a-utiful 3:32
  8. Glad You Came 3:13
  9. Just The Way You Are 3:32
  10. Never Wanna Let You Go 2:56
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In todays world of music there are so many talented singers, so many beautiful artists, and so many personalities that tend to effortless grab your attention, yet rarely do you find all three attributes in one place. Megan Nicole, a talented 17 year old singer songwriter, has been doing all those things through her YouTube videos for the past year. She’s been stealing hearts with her beautiful smile and mesmerizing eyes.. Her unique vocals bring a freshness to todays pop music that has been long awaited for. She started with 5,000 views on YouTube roughly 9 months ago and now she is at over 37 million views. From her live shows to her TV appearances she has created a fan base that spreads...

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Клип Megan Nicole - Mascara


Клип Megan Nicole - Starships


Клип Megan Nicole - Fun


Клип Megan Nicole - Feel So Close

Feel So Close

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