Matt Wertz

  1. Running Back to You 4:34
  2. 5:19 3:10
  3. Carolina
  4. Everything's Right
  5. Get to You
  6. I Will Not Take My Love Away
  7. Somebody's Gonna Love You
  8. Someone Like You
  9. The Way I Feel
  10. Red Meets Blue
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Matt Wertz is a singer/songwriter. Originally from LaVale, MD he now calls Nashville, Tennessee, home. Wertz's interest in music started when he was young, but it was his interest in visual art that led him to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Design. It was while he was living in the dorms that his musical talents and ambitions grew.

Upon graduation, Wertz gained a considerable fan base by performing at Young Life camps, after releasing "Somedays", his first album, produced by Steve Wilson. His next two studio albums, and one EP, have all been produced by himself and Ed Cash with an exception on the EP where...

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Клип Matt Wertz - Running Back to You

Running Back to You

Клип Matt Wertz - 5:19


Клип Matt Wertz - Carolina


Клип Matt Wertz - I Will Not Take My Love Away

I Will Not Take My Love Away

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