Martin Stig Andersen

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  3. Gravity Jump
  4. Boys' Fort
  5. Sister
  6. Rotating Room
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  8. Machine Gun Tranquility
  9. Rabbit At the Airport I
  10. Boys' Fort
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Martin Stig Andersen is the Winner of the Elektramusic Award 2005 "listener's prize" with his work "Essential Tree Work", for bass clarinet and electroacoustic sounds (bass clarinet: Gareth Davis).

Martin Stig Andersen is born in 1973 in Denmark. In 1998, after private studies in composition, he attended The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, where he passed a diploma in composition in 2003 studying under professor Karl Aage Rasmussen and Bent Sørensen. As part of his degree, in 2001-2003 he studied electroacoustic composition at City University in London where he is currently a PHD student with Denis Smalley. His musical research is funded by the Da...

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