Mario Bischin

  1. No Goodbye 3:22
  2. Macarena 3:08
  3. Loca 4:54
  4. So 5:44
  5. Id Lover
  6. Sexy Mama 5:22
  7. Tentacion 3:12
  8. Boogie Song
  9. I.D. Lover (Radio Edit)
  10. I.D. Lover (Extended)
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Mario Bischin, is a Romanian pop singer. He was born on the 7th of July, 23 years ago, and his music career started at the age of 12.

“No goodbye”, Mario’s latest single, became a smash hit in countries like Estonia, Lithuania, Ucraine, Turkey, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Albania and many others topping charts in many Radios around Europe.

Mario’s first attempt with music came up when he joined the local school chor. During his early years at high school, he created his first band and appeared in several TV shows, festivals, concerts and radio shows all over his country.

His solo carrier aroused last year when he started collaborating with considerable kn...

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Клип Mario Bischin - No Goodbye

No Goodbye

Клип Mario Bischin - Macarena


Клип Mario Bischin - Loca


Клип Mario Bischin - So


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