Marika Rossa

  1. Feel - NHB Remix
  2. In This Chaos 5:22
  3. Fresh Cut 105 [320kbps] 60:46
  4. Dancefield Podcast by Marika Ros
  5. Fresh Cut 103 [320kbps]
  6. Fresh Cut 104 4:48
  7. Live BKI Hamburg 27.10.12 [64kbp
  8. Fresh Cut 084
  9. B-day mix for Slivki Party bar 72:22
  10. Fresh Cut 100 6:14
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Marika Rossa

There may be more djs than you can count these days, but after you see Marika perform, you'll realize that she revives a huge gap in the industry. Her strong performances have taken her to Kiev's top night clubs and across whole Ukraine. Residency's at Saxon and Forsage club (voted Ukraine's #1 2008-2011) and countless showcases at Kazantip Festival has allowed her to polish her craft to near perfection. In 2011 she has been rated as the #1 female techno dj of Ukraine. Marika is also one of the co-owners of the Kazantip’11 festival’s dancefloor “Cloud”.

She provides party goers with fierce energy, intense skills, unique ...

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Клип Marika Rossa - Feel - NHB Remix

Feel - NHB Remix

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