Marcus Foster

  1. I Was Broken 3:51
  2. demons
  3. Movement [Live At The Flowerpot,
  4. waywayway 3:48
  5. The Room 4:37
  6. Tumble Down
  7. You Send Me
  8. You, My Love 3:33
  9. I Belong Here 4:38
  10. Same Old Dance
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MARCUS FOSTER is a London born musician and studies sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He grew up listening to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Sister Rosetta Tharp giving him a raw, honest and timeless sound. His songs are currently featured in two motion pictures; Twilight and Five Dollars a Day, and he’s about to embark on a tour of America in August. 'Let Me Sign' is written by Marcus Foster and Bobby Long, available on itunes.
Sam Bradley has a distinct knack for writing an unforgettable song. His music meshes a combination of soul, folk, and rock - and the resulting sound continues to catch the ears of fans around the world.

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Клип Marcus Foster - I Was Broken

I Was Broken

Клип Marcus Foster - demons


Клип Marcus Foster - waywayway


Клип Marcus Foster - The Room

The Room

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