1. Bringer of War 3:54
  2. Abandon Hope
  3. An Architect Of Your Demise
  4. Awaken the Tides
  5. End Of Days
  6. I'm Broken 3:35
  7. The Midas Effect 3:47
  8. V
  9. Wasted
  10. Human Portrait
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Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Iron Maiden. Britain is an isle that has long been steeped in heavy metal heritage but when was the last time it produced an act that showed the genuine potential to bother the biggest names in world metal? The answer to this conundrum has arrived in the shape of Malefice.

Formed in Reading, Berkshire in 2003, vocalist Dale Butler, guitarists Ben Symons and Alex Vuskans, bassist Tom Hynes and drummer Craig Thomas went about crafting the sound that would see Malefice cemented as Britain's premiere heavy metal act.

Their monstrous debut album 'Entities' was a punishing, brutal assault to the system. Crossing the boundaries of thrash, deat...

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Клип Malefice - Bringer of War

Bringer of War

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