Magic Machines

  1. Take Me To the Moon 3:41
  2. Break It Even (feat. Ina) 3:07
  3. Foster the People - Helena Beat 4:01
  4. Hey Mister 3:28
  5. Epic Intro 4:32
  6. Flawless
  7. Just Dance 4:52
  8. Mnml Dsco 4:48
  9. Rock Gods 3:23
  10. This Shit is Gold
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Magic Machines are distinctly rich, gorgeously handsome and they exhibit exquisitely refined taste. What ambrosia was to the Greek Gods of Mythology, Magic Machines are to electronic music. Because of their own unique style, they frequently attract chic and pulchritudinous admirers from all over the world, as well as many foreign countries. This makes Magic Machines the most popular and internationally sought after electronic group of all time. They can be seen performing at only the finest resorts, on luxury cruise ships and the occasional celebrity wedding. So consider it luck, or even fate, if you ever get the chance to see Magic Machines perform live. They usually have much more impor...

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