1. Эй детка дай мне огня 3:32
  2. просто сделай фото. 3:18
  3. Get down
  4. Если хочешь подойди ближе,присяд
  5. Get down (feat. B.KON)
  6. Сальса 2:37
  7. Алина 4:09
  8. Хочу спросить
  9. Сука 2:22
  10. Can’t Lie
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MIDWAY are one of Dubai's most impressive new comers. Playing a strong blend of hardcore; influenced by bands like: Parkway Drive and The Ghost Inside. Their sound is a refined mixture of metalcore, leaning more towards a hard hitting hardcore punch to the face. MIDWAY has been delivering their highly energetic shows all across the UAE, in support of 2010's debut self titled album, while quickly gaining a strong following in the process.

MIDWAY have already shared the stage with a diverse line up of acts, ranging from the UAE death metal titans NERVECELL, and German thrashers HATRED.

MIDWAY are currently working on new material for their follow up album


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Клип MIDWAY - Эй детка дай мне огня

Эй детка дай мне огня

Клип MIDWAY - просто сделай фото.

просто сделай фото.

Клип MIDWAY - Get down

Get down

Клип MIDWAY - Сальса


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