1. Abracadabra 2:51
  2. Un Monstre A Paris
  3. Pop Muzik (Nik Launay '79 12") 4:56
  4. Pop Muzik (Ben Liebrand Remix)
  5. Pop Muzik 3:37
  6. Moderne Man / Satisfy Your Lust 6:32
  7. Woman Make Man 2:18
  8. Slide Melody
  9. Emile Et Raoul 2:01
  10. L'Amour Dans L'Ame 1:30
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Matthieu Chedid (born 21 December 1971, in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France), better known by his stage name ‑M- , is a French rock singer-songwriter and guitar player.
Matthieu Chedid is the son of French singer Louis Chedid, and the grandson of the Egyptian-born French writer and poet of Lebanese descent Andrée Chedid who has written lyrics for him. His sister is the music video and concert director Émilie Chedid.
Chedid, a talented multi-instrumentalist, took an interest in music early on. In 1978, at the age of six, Chedid lent his voice to the chorus of his father's hit song T'as beau pas être beau alongside older sister, Émilie. During his teenage yea...

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Клип M - Abracadabra


Клип M - Un Monstre A Paris

Un Monstre A Paris

Клип M - Woman Make Man

Woman Make Man

Клип M - L'Amour Dans L'Ame

L'Amour Dans L'Ame

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