Luigi Lusini

  1. Breathless 7:38
  2. Imago 7:49
  3. A Neverending Story
  4. All I Want - Matteo Marini Radio Cut Mix
  5. All I Want - Ultimate Remix
  6. All I Want [ASOT682] - Ultimate Remix
  7. Beyond Horizons
  8. Touch My Soul
  9. Waterfall
  10. Who We Are 2:44
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Luigi Lusini is one of the most amazing producer of trance music that is out there at the moment.
This guy is from Italy, and all his tracks resonate that beautiful uplifting cheery atmosphere that you would expect from the influence of that warm sunny country

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Клип Luigi Lusini - Breathless


Клип Luigi Lusini - All I Want - Ultimate Remix

All I Want - Ultimate Remix

Клип Luigi Lusini - Who We Are

Who We Are

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