1. I Like That - original mix 4:40
  2. I’m Still Hot - Original 3:06
  3. I Like That - Radio Edit
  4. Party Animal
  5. I'm Still Hot - Dave Audé Remix
  6. I'm Still Hot - Radio Version
  7. I'm Still Hot - feat. Betty White
  8. U B The Bass
  9. What Planet Are You On? - deadmau5 Remix
  10. What Planet You On
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…is one of the UK's most exciting pop vocalists and performers. As the voice of one of 2006's biggest club crossover tracks - the UK #2 smash hit 'Yeah Yeah' by Bodyrox - she is enjoying worldwide acclaim for her inimitable voice and commanding stage presence. A true multi-talent, Luciana is also an emerging presence on the contemporary art scene.

Luciana's career started with her first single 'Get It Up For Love' with Danny D from D Mob on Chrysalis in '94. The seeds of a successful singing career were sewn and Luciana branched out to further develop her abilities. In 1996 she joined the already-established...

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Клип Luciana - I Like That - original mix

I Like That - original mix

Клип Luciana - I Like That - Radio Edit

I Like That - Radio Edit

Клип Luciana - Party Animal

Party Animal

Клип Luciana - U B The Bass

U B The Bass

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