1. Your New Beloved
  2. Dying to Start Again
  3. Tonight
  4. Nova
  5. Invisible
  6. Stateless
  7. I'm No More
  8. The Key
  9. Every Minute
  10. Everybody Wants to Be Someone Else
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Beginning as a synth-pop duo in London, Lovelife (aka LVLF) sure have gotten around. After spending some time in Brooklyn, they're now based in L.A., where they continue to work on new music. With tight, exquisitely-crafted pop songs full of lush production and heavy on the electronics, it's easy to assume these hits are full of loops and automation, when in reality there are talented musicians playing live behind it all. Add in that the group has done official remixes for some of the biggest international rock and pop bands and it's easy to get confused – but seeing the foursome in action here should be more than enough to convince anyone that their smooth crooning, ...

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Клип Lovelife - Your New Beloved

Your New Beloved

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