Love Spit Love

  1. How soon is Now (Charmed Theme) 3:22
  2. Am I Wrong 3:35
  3. Believe 3:52
  4. Change In The Weather 3:11
  5. Fall on Tears 3:53
  6. Half A Life 4:10
  7. How Soon Is Now? 4:22
  8. Long Long Time 4:17
  9. Wake Up 4:02
  10. Green
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Love Spit Love was a musical group founded in 1992 by singer Richard Butler following the initial disbanding of the the Psychedelic Furs.

When the Psychedelic Furs disbanded in 1992, Butler moved to New York. Butler contacted guitarist Richard Fortus, whose band, Pale Divine, had been the opener on the Furs' final US tour. The two began to collaborate on what Butler expected would become his first solo record. The duo enlisted drummer Frank Ferrer to help develop the material. As the songs took shape, however, Butler opted to push the project into a new band. The band's name was taken from a 1991 performance art exhibit in New York, which featured three naked couples (of v...

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Клип Love Spit Love - How soon is Now (Charmed Theme)

How soon is Now (Charmed Theme)

Клип Love Spit Love - Am I Wrong

Am I Wrong

Клип Love Spit Love - Believe


Клип Love Spit Love - Change In The Weather

Change In The Weather

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