1. Frank Ocean
  2. Life And Death 2:39
  3. Standby 4:27
  4. Prelude 2:20
  5. Path
  6. Perfection
  7. Sopra il mondo 4:05
  8. Nel Silenzio
  9. Escape From The Womb
  10. Revenge
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Lost’s debut album, XD, was released in January 2008 and remained in the charts all year long, getting the golden album award. Their second album, Sospeso, followed on the heels of their ultra-successful lost live @ mtv.it DVD and went gold in just a few weeks. The new album’s first single was “Sulla mia pelle” featuring Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. In 2008, Lost were the exclusive opening act of Simple Plan and Tokio Hotel and their 40-date 2009 tour has been sold out. In 2009, they also won the TRL Award as Best Band against international artists like Tokio Hotel, Jonas Brothers and Take That.

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Клип Lost - Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

Клип Lost - Life And Death

Life And Death

Клип Lost - Standby


Клип Lost - Prelude


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