Linear Movement

  1. Cytogenetic Movement 5:24
  2. Due To You 5:41
  3. Five Faces 5:09
  4. I Think I'm By You 2:51
  5. In My Head
  6. Night in June 4:39
  7. On the Screen
  8. The Game
  9. To Another Soul
  10. Way Out Of Living
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Name: Linear Movement
Year: 1982
Genre: Belgium

Peter Bonne
Lieve Van Steerteghem
Peter Koutstaal

Linear Movement was a side-project of Peter Bonne between 1982 and 1984, next to his activities in Autumn and Twilight Ritual. Because of the difference in musical style, he decided this music should be part of a different project, which he baptised 'Linear Movement'. Most of the tracks were solo-experiments, but in some of them, he was joined by Peter Koutstaal (who also performed in Autumn), and by Lieve Van Steerteghem, who took the vocal part in some tracks.

Linear Movement never made a tape release, but many tracks appeared o...

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Клип Linear Movement - Night in June

Night in June

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