Limitless Wave

  1. Road To The Unknown 3:30
  2. Forget This World 6:57
  3. Flashback 5:03
  4. Come Back 3:59
  5. Good Morning 3:52
  6. My Thoughts Are With You 11:14
  7. Unpaid Debt 4:03
  8. Cry From The Heart 5:43
  9. Planet Winter 4:47
  10. You Hold Me In Your Hands 5:12
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The full name of Magnin Maxim. Born in Russia, in Novosibirsk. He began his career at the age of 14. In abstract styles of music came at the age of 16. Currently has 2 LP and 1 EP. The musician began to develop in 2012. Now his music is sold on the American website The Music Bed, is also actively developing the biggest album in the career of the musician, which will be released around March 2015.

Listener say that music is Limitless Wave striking in its atmosphere and depth that draws permanently, giving rise to the good feelings of a person.

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