Lifted Crew

  1. Bombfire 3:02
  2. Hands Up High 3:06
  3. Public Eye
  4. Lost All Control
  5. Light Up The Ganja 3:13
  6. Weight of the World
  7. Eye Eye
  8. Positive Fire
  9. Freedom
  10. Do or Die
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The Lifted Crew is a New York City based music group that engrosses the listener with its eclectic concoction of Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, R & B, & Rock. This power-house ensemble consists of hard hitting horns, explosive rhythm section, lyrically gifted MCs, and incredible vocalist’s. This innovative sound is a product of their diverse backgrounds, which allows them to create songs that intelligently bridge the gap between music lovers, hip-hop heads, and the every day listener alike.

The collective was born in NH during the summer of 2000. In 2001 members attended the Berklee college of Music in Boston, and eventually expanded to NYC in 2005. During the past year they have matu...

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