1. Sweets For My Sweet
  2. I Thought The World of You
  3. Cool Night In Paris
  4. My Whole Life
  5. Even Rainbows Turn Blue
  6. Like To See You Again
  7. Things Just Happen That Way
  8. Summer's Moon
  9. Let's Fall In Love Tonight
  10. Love Showered Me
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In 1983, a man named Lewis recorded an album named L’Amour, which was released on the unknown label R.A.W. And that’s about all we know.

The record itself is a delicate, whispered album, reflecting the way the artist himself – spectral, movie star-like – almost disappears into the grey of the cover. It should come as no surprise that it failed to shout loudly enough to be noticed, another private press album that sank without trace.

The ingredients are simple: smooth synthesizers, feather-light piano, ethereal, occasionally inaudible vocals and the gentle plucking of acoustic guitars. But the effects are arresting: a spine-tingling, sombre album that echoes Springsteen’s Nebra...

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Клип Lewis - Sweets For My Sweet

Sweets For My Sweet

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