Leadlight Rose

  1. The Dance 4:43
  2. Peasant Song 4:39
  3. Symphony 3:46
  4. All Knowing Eyes 5:26
  5. Follow 6:32
  6. Highlander 4:05
  7. Sanctuary 12:00
  8. Your Ghost 6:13
  9. My Exit Call 3:48
  10. For You 4:46
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Leadlight Rose are a unique combination of musical light and shade, with the sharp contrast of vocalist Ellah Rose's ethereal voice against the groups stark, intricate rhythms, and technical ability without overindulgence.

With debut album Sweet Obsession in the works, an expansive live show and a diverse plethora of musical influences, Leadlight Rose are quickly establishing themselves as one of the leading lights in the Brisbane music scene.

Leadlight Rose are:
Ellah Rose: vocal virtuoso
Jesse: master of keys, axe, strings, and the studio
Geoff: progressive fusion drummer
Matty: the Wretched, infernal pulse

Leadlight Rose: The drink that satisf...

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Клип Leadlight Rose - Follow


Клип Leadlight Rose - For You

For You

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