Last Dinosaurs

  1. Purist 3:38
  2. Repair 5:01
  3. Used To Be Mine 5:29
  4. Weekend 4:16
  5. Satellites 1:47
  6. Apollo 3:25
  7. Honolulu 4:01
  8. I Can't Decide 3:18
  9. I Can't Help You 3:49
  10. Sunday Night 2:52
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Last Dinosaurs are a rock indie rock/power pop band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sean Caskey, lead guitarist Lachlan Caskey, bass guitarist Sam Gethin-Jones and drummer Dan Koyama. Sean, Lachlan and Dan are all Half-Japanese Australians, and the band has toured Japan before.

The band's debut EP Back from the BED (2010) has received critical praise by Australian media critics such as Triple J and

The band is currently signed to independent label Dew Process.


Formation and EP
The band first found success after posting their demo to the Triple J Unearthed project. Not lo...

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Клип Last Dinosaurs - Purist


Клип Last Dinosaurs - Used To Be Mine

Used To Be Mine

Клип Last Dinosaurs - Weekend


Клип Last Dinosaurs - Honolulu


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