1. You 3:56
  2. Every High 3:32
  3. Remi 6:40
  4. Ocean Tides 3:47
  5. Have My Back 3:59
  6. Forest Green 3:09
  7. July, December, March 3:56
  8. Company For Us
  9. You May Have Limited Time 6:52
  10. August
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Jian Kellet-Liew, who goes by the moniker Kyson, is a 24 year old Aussie producer based out of Germany. He takes on influences and inspiration from producers and artists such as Apparat, James Blake, Four Tet, and Onra. Kyson has established himself with an ambient, chill style that is apparent in his first EP Patience, which was released about five months ago. Along with his popular remix of Bon Iver's "Holocene", Kyson is quickly gaining momentum. Today, we bring you teaser single "Remi" off of his next EP Blackstone which is planned to be released on October 29. You can expect find a total of eight original tunes, as well as remixes courtesy of Essày, Sina, and...

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