1. Shine 3:51
  2. 10.000 Light Years 2:59
  3. Diamonds 3:33
  4. I Wonder 4:13
  5. Microphoneaye 3:29
  6. One Last Time 3:50
  7. Tainted Love 3:36
  8. Unconditional Love 3:43
  9. Black Lotus 3:50
  10. Decadence of the Heart 4:05
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Kwan has realized on its fourth album that small is beautiful, but that small can also be pompous and touching. Little Notes is the band's most intimate, outward going, relaxed and heartfelt album to date. On Little Notes you can hear a confident group with a clear idea of its strengths.

This time around key figure Pauli Rantasalmi, who is also known as the guitarist of The Rasmus, has taken a slightly smaller role than before. He has still composed the starting points of the songs, but the album's recording and production as well as the song's arrangements have been more of a collaborating between the band and Antti Eräkangas, who produced the al...

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Клип Kwan - Shine


Клип Kwan - 10.000 Light Years

10.000 Light Years

Клип Kwan - I Wonder

I Wonder

Клип Kwan - Tainted Love

Tainted Love

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