1. Marian 4:53
  2. Kocham ciebie 2:34
  3. Irlandia zielona 5:03
  4. Burning Blue
  5. Get Back
  6. Letters From The Height Of Summer
  7. Navigate November
  8. Sunroom
  9. While We Drive
  10. Spragniony karoliny
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The Irish indie electro outfit Kowalski bring together their
echo-laiden guitars and sythesizers to create an upbeat
shimmering dream pop for the modern age.
Vocalist Louis Price, keyboard and guitarist Paddy Conn,
bassist Tom O’Hara and drummer Paddy Baird
have shared the stage with the likes of Snow Patrol, Editors,
Two Door Cinema Club and Ash across Ireland and the UK.

They self released their sophomore E.P ‘Take Care, Take Flight’
on April 1st. Recorded and produced by themselves,
the E.P is available on Kowalski.bandcamp.com and on iTunes worldwide.
Influenced by the likes of Grandaddy, The Beatles, Phoenix and
Death cab fo...

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Клип Kowalski - Marian


Клип Kowalski - Kocham ciebie

Kocham ciebie

Клип Kowalski - Irlandia zielona

Irlandia zielona

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