1. Clowns 3:05
  2. I'm On One by DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
  3. More Than Anything - The Slag Re
  4. Drop It
  5. Ice Cream Anthem VIP
  6. Lifted
  7. More Than Anything - Original Mix
  8. Silence - Original Mix
  9. Higher
  10. More Than Anything (NYMZ Remix)
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The first, original KillaGraham (killagram). Coming from a small town in North Carolina, Graham Andrew, or KillaGraham, started his DJ career as a hip-hop/scratch DJ spinning 12" records on technics turntables in 2006. Growing up through middle school and high school, KillaGraham was a part of the school's various bands and orchestras, learned to play various instruments, and learned how to read and write music. From there he was scoring his own peices by hand until he learned how to create electronic music using MIDI notation. In his first year in college, KillaGraham started creating electronic music that resembled peices that you might hear in a more cinematic envrionment and...

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Клип KillaGraham - Clowns


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