Kevin McCall

  1. Naked (feat. Big Sean) 4:21
  2. Touch You 4:31
  3. Hard To Get 2:52
  4. Naked 4:21
  5. Intro
  6. Fuck You Pay Me 3:20
  7. Dance for Me 3:29
  8. Compliments 3:06
  9. Hands On 4:20
  10. How Many Bars 2:06
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Kevin McCall 25yrs old ,was born and raised in Southern Los Angles. Intruduced to music at a very young age by relatives, he developed a interest in music as a youngster. Kevin began to take music serious when he joined his church choir and got saved, at the tender age of 13. Kevin, always had the choice between his musical side and his sports side and always felt that he had to do sports because of his fathers family tradition. But he quickly realized that Music was a big family tradition on his mothers side of the family as well. He claims 4 genearations who can sing in his family! Wow! Go to to check him out! STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS ABOUT THE NEWEST HiT...

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Клип Kevin McCall - Touch You

Touch You

Клип Kevin McCall - Hard To Get

Hard To Get

Клип Kevin McCall - Naked


Клип Kevin McCall - Fuck You Pay Me

Fuck You Pay Me

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