Katy Rose

  1. Oh Death Rock me Asleep 1:22
  2. O Death Rock Me Asleep
  3. Because I Can
  4. I Like
  5. Lemon
  6. Love Is Suicide 2:40
  7. Overdrive 1:34
  8. Pornography
  9. Snowflakes
  10. Teachin' Myself to Dream
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Katy Rose (born 27 January 1987, real name Kathryn Rosemary Bullard) is an American singer, songwriter, producer, musician and actress. Her music styles vary from indie rock, electro pop, grunge, pop, lounge music and even techno.

Starting at just sixteen, Katy Rose began work on her debut album, Because I Can for V2 Records. On January 27th, 2004, Because I Can was released along with her first single Overdrive. Her album was released to mixed critical reception, and had only two singles from the album, Overdrive and I Like. Rose also appeared on two successful movie soundtracks, Mean Girls and Thirteen.

After parting from V2 Records in 2005 her second album, Candy Eyed was r...

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Клип Katy Rose - Oh Death Rock me Asleep

Oh Death Rock me Asleep

Клип Katy Rose - Because I Can

Because I Can

Клип Katy Rose - I Like

I Like

Клип Katy Rose - Lemon


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