1. Scorpio Rising 4:25
  2. Work It Out 4:29
  3. Better Off Alone
  4. Anything's Possible ft. Lotti 3:35
  5. Anything's Possible- Sweater Beats Remix
  6. Been Awhile
  7. Circles
  8. Death from Above
  9. Make You Stay 3:36
  10. Stay Close 3:27
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The popularity of bass-heavy dance music is spreading like wildfire across the world, with many producers crafting their own styles of dubstep, grime and garage. In the humble city of Pittsburgh, PA DJ/producer Kastle has cultivated his own style of bass-heavy beats with a soulful twist reminiscent of classic Chicago house.

After teaching himself guitar and piano around the age of 12, Barrett Richards pooled his efforts towards electronic instrumentation about two years later. He began taking production as seriously as he did DJing during that time, and involved himself deep into the Northeast rave scene. It was no surprise that in time, though, personal growth and 14 years of produ...

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