1. Сумерки.Сага 3:32
  2. Rock Star 2:47
  3. Living in the Flesh 3:19
  4. Down 3:49
  5. Quiero Verde
  6. O Amor Faz
  7. Jausmai 4:33
  8. At Least I Wrote a Song About It
  9. Bad Habit
  10. Die Bushwick
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Born in London, Junior Giscombe grew up listening to his older brothers' and sisters' record collection, which included the doo-wop of the Moonglows, the Dells, early Motown, Otis Redding, and the reggae music of Toots and the Maytals and Bob Marley. Though as a teenager he sang lead in a local band, music more or less remained a hobby until he chose a full-time music career after college in the mid-'70s. His inspiration was Philly soul writers Thom Bell and Linda Creed, Gene McFadden, and John Whitehead. A British independent label released his single, "Hot Up & Heated," but it was Polygram's subsidiary Phonogram that gave him his first major-label oppor...

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Клип Junior - Rock Star

Rock Star

Клип Junior - Down


Клип Junior - Quiero Verde

Quiero Verde

Клип Junior - O Amor Faz

O Amor Faz

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