June Miller

  1. From Autumn to Ashes
  2. Bright Eyes
  3. Half Top Feelings
  4. Late Night Lies
  5. Quartz Controlled
  6. We Are Not Human
  7. Brave Man
  8. Stormtrooper
  9. Bad Brains
  10. Isis
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Trace the very tendrils of drum & bass and you'll hit hardcore. Acid house's ugly little brother, its extremities resonated with a whole generation, boosting them with an energy and focus the dancefloor had never experienced before. Trace the very tendrils of June Miller and you'll hit a wholly different type of hardcore. But a very similar story.

A transcontinental duo, Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk met under bizarre circumstances. Mark ran a small independent record label in the UK, Bart played guitar in a Dutch hardcore punk band Deluge. Neither of them knew of each other's existence. One morning Mark received Deluge's album 'Spot In The Shadow&#...

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