Josh Ritter

  1. Homecoming
  2. Good Man 4:09
  3. Naked as a Window
  4. One More Mouth
  5. Baby That's Not All 4:33
  6. Baby That's Not All (Acoustic)
  7. Change of Time 4:04
  8. New Lover
  9. The Temptation of Adam 4:12
  10. Rumors 3:30
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Josh Ritter (born October 21, 1976) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and author who performs and records with The Royal City Band. Ritter is known for his distinctive Americana style and narrative lyrics. In 2006 he was named one of the "100 Greatest Living Songwriters" by Paste magazine.

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Клип Josh Ritter - Good Man

Good Man

Клип Josh Ritter - Baby That's Not All

Baby That's Not All

Клип Josh Ritter - Change of Time

Change of Time

Клип Josh Ritter - The Temptation of Adam

The Temptation of Adam

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