Jorja Smith

  1. Blue Lights 3:51
  2. Something in the Way 4:35
  3. Teenage Fantasy 3:47
  4. Lost (Frank Ocean Cover) 3:52
  5. The One 3:17
  6. Don't watch me cry 3:12
  7. On My Mind 3:30
  8. Let Me Down 2:46
  9. Carry Me Home 5:47
  10. I Am 3:28
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Jorja Smith is a 19-year-old newcomer from Walsall, UK. Smith impressed many and earned attention with her hip-hop and R&B-inspired debut single "Blue Lights" and has taken the rest of the year to deliver songs that fuse soul, blues, and even classical. She spent much of 2016 getting people very excited about her effortless, informed, and deeply soulful pop with a trio of eclectic singles. Her first EP Project 11 arrives so perfectly formed it almost feels like showing off. Many songs mark Smith out as her hero Amy Winehouse’s truest successor.

Smith has been performing since the age of 8 and writing songs since 11, amassing a broad catalog of...

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Клип Jorja Smith - Blue Lights

Blue Lights

Клип Jorja Smith - Something in the Way

Something in the Way

Клип Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy

Teenage Fantasy

Клип Jorja Smith - Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

Lost (Frank Ocean Cover)

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