Jon Fratelli

  1. Rhythm Doesn’t Make You A Dancer 3:15
  2. Santo Domingo 3:01
  3. Oh Shangri La 4:27
  4. The Band Played Just For Me 3:51
  5. Baby We're Refugees
  6. Don't Make Me Close My Eyes 3:07
  7. Rhythm Doesn't Make You A Dancer 3:12
  8. Daddy Won't Pay Your Bill 4:01
  9. Baby, We're Refugees! 2:38
  10. Tell Me Honey 3:20
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Jon Fratelli (born John Paul Lawler on March 4, 1979 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish musician and songwriter best known for his work with the band The Fratellis. He has also played with Codeine Velvet Club before moving onto a new solo career.

Little is known about Lawler's life before he joined the Fratellis. He attended St. Maurice's High School and visited Cumbernauld College when it opened its new music studio in September 2007. Before joining The Fratellis, he released a solo album entitled Free Urban Clown.

In 2005, Jon responded to an advert placed in a music shop by drummer Gordon McRory, which stated "Opportunity of a lifetime … seeks band to ...

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Клип Jon Fratelli - Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

Клип Jon Fratelli - The Band Played Just For Me

The Band Played Just For Me

Клип Jon Fratelli - Baby We're Refugees

Baby We're Refugees

Клип Jon Fratelli - Don't Make Me Close My Eyes

Don't Make Me Close My Eyes

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