Jon & Vangelis

  1. Is It Love 4:27
  2. The Mayflower 6:32
  3. I'll Find My Way Home 4:28
  4. I Hear You Now 5:10
  5. The Friends Of Mr. Cairo 11:48
  6. State of Independence 7:53
  7. Italian Song 2:53
  8. He Is Sailing 6:48
  9. Outside Of This 5:04
  10. Beside 4:10
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Jon & Vangelis is the collaborative effort between the singer Jon Anderson (better known as lead vocalist of the progressive rock band Yes ), and the Greek synthesizer musician Evangelos Papathanassiou (better known as Vangelis). Together they released a number of successful albums in the 1980s.

The two artists probably met in the progressive rock scene of London in the 1970s. Vangelis reputedly was to join Anderson in Yes, replacing Rick Wakeman as keyboardist, but this never came to fruition. Nevertheless, Jon contributed vocals to Vangelis Heaven and Hell (1975), harp to Opera Sauvage (1979), and vocals to See You Later (1980). Rumours of Vangelis's participation in the ...

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Клип Jon & Vangelis - Is It Love

Is It Love

Клип Jon & Vangelis - The Friends Of Mr. Cairo

The Friends Of Mr. Cairo

Клип Jon & Vangelis - Italian Song

Italian Song

Клип Jon & Vangelis - Outside Of This

Outside Of This

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