John Rzeznik

  1. Я остаюсь самим собой 3:10
  2. I´m still here
  3. Im Still Here 4:11
  4. Always Know Where You Are 3:09
  5. Iris 4:52
  6. I'm Still Here 4:02
  7. Once in a Lifetime 0:32
  8. I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme)
  9. 12 Years Later
  10. To the Spaceport
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John Joseph Theodore Rzeznik (born December 5, 1965), also known as Johnny Rzeznik, is an American songwriter, lead guitarist, vocalist and producer. He is best known as the frontman of rock band the Goo Goo Dolls, of which he is a founding member and with whom he has recorded nine studio albums.

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Клип John Rzeznik - Im Still Here

Im Still Here

Клип John Rzeznik - Always Know Where You Are

Always Know Where You Are

Клип John Rzeznik - Iris


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