Joe Esposito

  1. Your the Best Around 2:59
  2. You're the Best 2:55
  3. Lady, lady, lady 4:09
  4. You Are The Best Around 2:59
  5. youre the best around 2:59
  6. Lady Lady 4:03
  7. Youre The Best 2:59
  8. The Best 2:58
  9. Thunder in Your Heart - Karate Kid (Original Version)
  10. You Are The Best Around (Рокки ост)
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Joe Esposito (born May 5, 1948) is a Grammy winning American singer/songwriter whose career spans from the 1970s to the present day. Esposito's songs have been recorded by Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Labelle, and Stephen Stills and others.
Esposito was a member of the band Brooklyn Dreams, best known for their collaboration with Donna Summer on "Heaven Knows" and "Bad Girls". Giorgio Moroder asked Esposito to collaborate on his 1982s "Solitary Man" project which became Esposito's first solo album. In the 1980s, he's best known for his performances of the hit songs "Lady, Lady, Lady" from the "Solitary Man" album and ...

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Клип Joe Esposito - You're the Best

You're the Best

Клип Joe Esposito - Lady, lady, lady

Lady, lady, lady

Клип Joe Esposito - youre the best around

youre the best around

Клип Joe Esposito - Lady Lady

Lady Lady

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