Jets Overhead

  1. Shadow Knows 4:32
  2. Seems So Far 4:32
  3. Boredom and Joy 2:44
  4. Get It Right 3:47
  5. Mirror Mirror 5:42
  6. All The People
  7. Always A First Time
  8. Heading For Nowhere
  9. I Should Be Born
  10. It's A Funny Thing
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Jets Overhead are a Canadian rock band who formed in 2003 and are based in Victoria, British Columbia. The band have at present released two full-length albums, as well as one EP and a compilation disc.

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Клип Jets Overhead - Boredom and Joy

Boredom and Joy

Клип Jets Overhead - Get It Right

Get It Right

Клип Jets Overhead - Heading For Nowhere

Heading For Nowhere

Клип Jets Overhead - I Should Be Born

I Should Be Born

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