Jessica Mauboy

  1. Never Be the Same 3:52
  2. Fallin' (Original Song from the TV Series "The Secret Daughter") 3:09
  3. Because 4:18
  4. Burn 2:52
  5. That Girl 4:08
  6. Who's Loving You
  7. We Got Love 3:22
  8. Let Me Be Me 3:48
  9. What Happened to Us
  10. Time After Time 4:18
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When today's hottest rapper is lost for words on hearing a new soulstress, she must be a future superstar. But it's an even bigger deal if that divette is Australian.

Flo Rida was stunned by Jessica Mauboy's crunk 'n' B hit Running Back. "He couldn't believe it," Mauboy relates with a bashful laugh. "He was just like, 'What! She's an Australian artist? Where is she? What is she doing? Is she bringing out an album?' He was basically asking all the questions. He was really keen to know."

The in-demand US MC not only agreed to a guest spot, but also appeared in the video, filmed in Melbourne during his Australian to...

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Клип Jessica Mauboy - Never Be the Same

Never Be the Same

Клип Jessica Mauboy - Because


Клип Jessica Mauboy - Burn


Клип Jessica Mauboy - That Girl

That Girl

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