James Hersey

  1. Coming Over - Filous Remix
  2. Coming Over 2:39
  3. What I've done - Feast. Remix
  4. what_ive_done_remix_v5 MASTER VS2 FINAL
  5. Don't Say Maybe 3:01
  6. Juliet 3:31
  7. Running Out
  8. Promises 3:02
  9. What I've Done 3:18
  10. Don't Say Maybe
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James Hersey is an independent solo project/band. The 23yr old guitarist writes, produces, and performs soulful songs with unique pop sensibility and vocals. His passion for songwriting is rooted in his desire to capture, preserve, and reproduce aesthetic musical moments. Major influences include hit artists such as John Mayer and Coldplay, as well as lesser-known singers such as Conor O’Brien and Stephin Merritt. James launched his solo project in Vienna, Austria – home to half of his family – in 2010, and rapidly gained support from major alternative outlets (fm4, gotv) as well as mainstream media (puls4, seitenblicke). In Fall 2011 he moved to the US, and is currently producing his fir...

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Клип James Hersey - Coming Over

Coming Over

Клип James Hersey - Juliet


Клип James Hersey - Promises


Клип James Hersey - What I've Done

What I've Done

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