1. Animal Style (Drezo Remix) 4:21
  2. Shakedown (Original Mix) 2:50
  3. Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose) 2:24
  4. Back to the Basics
  5. Any Day
  6. Ice (feat. Karra) 3:25
  7. What's Up? (Ivan Laine Remix)
  8. Bubblegum (feat. CRNKN) 3:24
  9. Summer in Your Arms (feat. Josh Congress)
  10. Agent Provocateur-Red Tape
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Jackal was Danish trad/power metal band and had immediate European and Japanese success with the release of their first album on EMI. Unfortunately, label difficulties dogged the band after that.
Last known line-up:
Brian Rich - Vocals (Shermann Soldiers, Narita (Dnk))
Benny Petersen - Guitars (ex- Mercyful Fate, Pretty Maids, Evil (Dnk))
Brian Jшrgensen - Bass (ex-Rip and Tear)
Jens - Drums

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The second album of Danish JACKAL, titled "Vague Visions", hails from the year 1993. That already shows that they had been around way before HAMMERFALL and co. and even if that had not been the case, they sound a good bit differ...

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