It's Alive


Rock N' Roll ain't dead. It’s Alive!

It’s Alive was spawned from the underbelly of sunny Lake Mary, Florida in 2008. Fronted by the beautifully tortured voice of Zach Webb, songs like "Pieces" represent the band's desperate clawing to get above the surface. With the pulsating rhythms of guitarist Clay Haywood, the lusty marching beats of drummer Eddie Matta, the scathing bass of the towering Juice Dean and a lush landscape of sound design, It's Alive! have created their own brand of dreamlike, dark and ominous rock.

Songs like "The Bottom" and "Liar" are peppered with piercing guitars, embedded with bass lines that thump agains...

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Клип It's Alive - Changing Colors

Changing Colors

Клип It's Alive - Back Into The Rain

Back Into The Rain

Клип It's Alive - Refuge From The Wreckage

Refuge From The Wreckage

Клип It's Alive - Selfless


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