I the Mighty

  1. Silver Tongues 4:18
  2. Where You Let it Go 4:07
  3. Silver Tongues (feat. Tilian) 4:18
  4. Carousel 4:31
  5. Andrew's Song
  6. Dancing On A Tightrope 3:35
  7. Chaos in Motion 3:14
  8. Technicolor 3:38
  9. Just Drive 5:58
  10. Modern Medicine 3:43
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“We don’t want people to just listen to our music on a surface level. We want people to dive into the songs and dissect them and to really feel them,” states Brent Walsh, vocalist for the San Francisco Bay Area band known as I the Mighty.
I The Mighty will release Karma Never Sleeps – their new EP and Equal Vision Records debut – in Fall 2011. “Our new material is pretty different from our previous releases. Karma Never Sleeps is a lot heavier, a bit darker, and has a moodier ambient,” explains bassist Chris Hinkley.
Listeners will certainly feel the intense emotions of the ambitious and captivating EP, which was produced by Erik Ron . The album features six sweeping tracks fill...

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Клип I the Mighty - Where You Let it Go

Where You Let it Go

Клип I the Mighty - Silver Tongues (feat. Tilian)

Silver Tongues (feat. Tilian)

Клип I the Mighty - Carousel


Клип I the Mighty - Andrew's Song

Andrew's Song

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