1. Pop Lock And Drop It
  2. Aye 3:51
  3. Nobody Loves The Hood 4:09
  4. Pop Lock And Drop It Remix
  5. Baby Monstro 3:32
  6. Nice weather for the carnaval
  7. Pedregulho
  8. Pop, Lock & Drop It
  9. Por Detrás de Los Ojos
  10. Samuel Burns
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St. Louis rapper Huey (aka Baby Huey) started dropping beats with a friend on his neighborhood block of Arlington Ave. during his mid-teens, taking inspiration from fellow Dirty South stars like Chingy, Nelly, and Ludacris. Writing songs was something fun to do, but when Huey's older brother brought in music veteran Angela Richardson, Huey's ambitions became more serious. Richardson was cultivating a rap group at the time, and it wasn't long until Huey's sharp-witted rhymes became front and center. Songs such as "Oh" and "Pop, Lock & Drop It" became local favorites among DJs and promoters, further pushing Huey's mixtapes into college campus...

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Клип Huey - Pop Lock And Drop It

Pop Lock And Drop It

Клип Huey - Nobody Loves The Hood

Nobody Loves The Hood

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