Hot Natured

  1. benediction 3:20
  2. Isis - feat. The Egyptian Lover
  3. Isis (Magic Carpet Ride) [feat. The Egyptian Lover] - French Fries Remix
  4. Nikki Norris
  5. Emerald City (feat. Anabel Englund)
  6. Benediction (GRADES Remix)
  7. Off World Lover (Will Clarke Remix)
  8. Alternate State feat. Roisin Murphy
  9. Forward Motion 5:19
  10. Tightrope 3:54
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Hot Natured is a British-American electronic music group consisting of Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, both co-founders of critically acclaimed electronic dance music label, Hot Creations. The group later on added members Ali Love and Luca C from Infinity Ink, and more recently Anabel Englund.

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Клип Hot Natured - benediction


Клип Hot Natured - Alternate State feat. Roisin Murphy

Alternate State feat. Roisin Murphy

Клип Hot Natured - Forward Motion

Forward Motion

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