Hooray for Earth

  1. Surrounded by Your Friends 3:25
  2. Last Minute
  3. Keys 4:07
  4. Realize It's Not The Sun 2:48
  5. Say Enough 4:38
  6. Somewhere Else
  7. True Loves
  8. Comfortable, Comparable 4:27
  9. Bring Us Closer Together
  10. Sails
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Hooray for Earth is a New York City-based rock band originated from the home-recordings of singer and multi-instrumentalist Noel Heroux. The group first emerged publicly as Hooray for Earth in late 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The band played shows and self-released early demo recordings locally in Boston and the surrounding area until Heroux moved to New York City in August 2007. On February 26, 2008, Dopamine Records released the six-track Cellphone EP.

In 2009, a second EP, Momo, was released by eMusic Selects. Dovecote Records later re-issued Momo (June 1, 2010) including an additional track, new artwork and CD/Vinyl formats.

In October 2010, Hooray for Earth'...

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Клип Hooray for Earth - Surrounded by Your Friends

Surrounded by Your Friends

Клип Hooray for Earth - Last Minute

Last Minute

Клип Hooray for Earth - Say Enough

Say Enough

Клип Hooray for Earth - True Loves

True Loves

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