1. Ukiyo 3:46
  2. The Buzz (feat. Big K.R.I.T., Mataya, Young Tapz) [Bonus Track] 3:55
  3. HyperParadise - Flume Remix 4:50
  4. Get in My Life
  5. Speak of the Devil 3:23
  6. Through The Roof 2:02
  7. The Buzz feat. Mataya & Young Tapz
  8. All of You 3:22
  9. Let You Go
  10. Engage
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The two multi-instrumentalists Luke Dubber (aka Luke Dubs) and Angus Stuart (aka Elgusto) have been in bands together since 1994, at the ages of 16 and 11 respectively. Their first proper band was called Funk Injections, following the rule that funk bands require the word "funk" appear somewhere in their name, and included Stuart's sister, Aja Stuart, on bass. When a group of local rappers, including Tim Levinson (aka Urthboy) from the Herd, were impressed by Funk Injections' abilities, the two groups briefly incorporated in 1998, performing for a while under the name Explanetary.Explanetary consisted of Levinson on vocals, Stuart on keyboards, Dubber on drums, Realist...

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