Heaven Below

  1. Heartbreaker 3:12
  2. The End of Days 3:40
  3. Black Sunrise/War of the Gods 5:44
  4. Above The Satellites 4:14
  5. Dying Vicariously 3:15
  6. Judgement Day
  7. King of Nothing 3:55
  8. Major Tom
  9. The Radio Song 3:46
  10. The Takeover
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Жанр: Rock / Hard Rock

Patrick Kennison - Vocals/Guitars
Jesse Billson - Guitars
John Younger - Bass
Bones Elias - Drums

Родной город: Los Angeles, CA

Студии записи: Broken Halo

Биография: "Number 1 in sales at tradebit.com, top 10 on Amazon.com New Hard Rock Release Chart, Top 20 on Music Choice." These positions are usually acquired by established household name rock bands, but new comers Heaven Below have already taken home these accolades in the short time this Los Angeles based unit has been together. Fronted by Patrick Kennison on lead vocals & guitar, lead guitarist Jesse "Bawls" Billson, and rounded ou...

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Клип Heaven Below - Heartbreaker


Клип Heaven Below - The Takeover

The Takeover

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